Bachelor couple Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich are about to share all of those good genes with their very first child, a sweet baby girl.

The pair have been sharing their pregnancy journey so far, and we’ve been gathering up the best of the bunch in the gallery below.

And while Anna’s burgeoning bump is certainly making us all clucky, it hasn’t all been Insta-perfect smooth sailing for the mum-to-be.

In a hilarious series of videos to her Instagram stories, 33-year-old criminal lawyer, Anna revealed her first pregnancy shopping fail with fans, and it’s a doozy!

WATCH: Anna Heinrich’s pregnancy shopping fail is hilarious! Continues after video …

On the advice of family and friends, the expectant mum shopped for a pregnancy pillow to help with the comfort of sleep. However when it arrived, the sheer amount of pillow swamped the petite star.

“Everyone talks about getting a pillow. A pregnancy pillow, so I ordered one online,” she shared, while wrestling a giant polka-dot pillow that she struggled to lift from the ground.

“It just came today and it is the biggest thing I have ever seen. Like honestly, what the hell. This is like a bed. What am I meant to do with this?” she laughed.

“What the hell?”

While she joked that “Tim won’t be happy,” it’s clear that her doting Neighbours star husband is so over the moon with his upcoming role as a dad that he probably won’t mind sharing the bed with the world’s largest pillow.

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Anna’s baby shower

Anna celebrated her baby shower on October 11. Dressed in a stunning pink polka-dot dress the Bachelor star welcomed the impending arrival of her baby girl in stunning style.

From the gorgeous three-layer cake made by Anna’s mum to the massive balloon installation and ‘Sweet Baby Robards’ sweet station, the criminal lawyer’s special day was as stunning as you would imagine.

The best pictures of Anna Heinrich’s pregnancy so far