By Faye Couros

After undergoing her third surgery, Angie Kent has shared a detailed health update as she battles polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis.

The reality TV personality posted a photo from her hospital room with a lengthy message revealing she received an additional diagnosis of  interstitial cystitis, which causes pelvic pain and bladder pressure.

“This was yesterday’s Valentine’s Day steeze. If you thought you were not feeling yourself. Just refer back to this- me in compression socks, this stripy surgery backless gown (hot), those farshionable surgical blue slippers and a diaper of sorts. You’re welcome,” she began.

The former Bachelorette then explained what her surgery entailed.

“I ended up having a complicated laparoscopy, including use of las hysteroscopy, with endometrial biopsy, performed in a cystoscopy and urethroscopy with an ultrasound, in cojunction [sic] with a surgi [sic] pudendal nerve block along with a dose of botox in my pelvis for my nerve damage 😅 his words. I’m still learning.

“This surgery was by far the largest out of the three I’ve had, but probably the most safest I’ve felt… the nurses and my surgeon were so magical. I’ve never felt more heard and supported -thank you to the team at St Andrew’s Hospital Brisbane.”

The former Gogglebox and Bacherlorette reality star shares her medical journey in a bid to support other women.

Angie described her new diagnosis and explained the state of the scarring found on the left side of her pelvis.

“I have a new diagnosis, Interstitial cystitis which I’ll be finding out more about and the treatment in my follow up appointment with my specialist. My Ovaries were very much enlarged with polysistic Ovaries and he’s drilled them.

“Scarring was found on the left side of my pelvis – it’s difficult to know if it’s scar tissue or endometriosis at this stage. All removed too. Which is great news because last laparoscopy a year and a half ago my bowel was mostly riddled with scar tissue and endometriosis.

The former Gogglebox and Bacherlorette reality star shares her medical journey in a bid to support other women.

“I had all new symptoms from later finding out I was undiagnosed with PCOS and the fibroid was left in my body. Weight gain, skin issues terrible mood swings and chronic fatigue just to list a few of the newfound symptoms on top of the debilitating pain,” she wrote.

“I had not one but two fibroids removed and waiting on results from these!”

Finally, she thanked her fans for their support and offered her assistance in return.

“I appreciate those of you who have reached out and feel safe to share your experiences and traumas with me. I’m still in and out of sleep and healing from all of this, but I always try and get back to all of you when I can and hope this update can assist in some way 💕💫,” Angie concluded.

This article first appeared on Now to Love and is reproduced here with permission.