Twin boys have an epic all-nighter

Tucked away in their four-walled cribs, twin toddlers Andrew and Ryan Balkin led their loving parents to believe that they were blissfully dozing off into the Land of Zzzs.

What Mum and Dad don’t know can’t hurt them, right boys?

Well, you’d think so if the kids’ folks, Susana and Johnathan, didn’t have a baby monitor fixed inside the room…

According to TIME, after Susana and Johnathan left their boys’ bedroom in their New York City home, the little ones jumped out of their cots and proceeded to build a gigantic fortress out of cushions (yes, a fortress), do a couple of, y'know, casual flips and somersaults, before immersing themselves in a D&M on the couch.

And despite being rudely interrupted by their parents TWICE, the boys kicked on with their hilarious all-nighter well into the early hours of the morning.

This included more flips, more chats and a helluva lot of cuteness, all recorded on camera for, now, the world to see/melt over.

Watch all the mischief the boys get up to for yourself and try not to laugh!