Children are messy and that is an undisputable fact. From dropping food on the floor to emptying shoes still full of sand onto the carpet, for many mums (and dads, too) it can feel like keeping a clean house is an impossibly task, no matter how many times they mop and sweep the floor.

Now, in what’s almost the next best thing to having a live-in maid, there’s a new robot vacuum called the Deebot Ozomo T8+ and it is actually life-changing. In that you will have all of this the new found time to spend not doing chores.

One of the greatest features of this nifty robot vacuum is its impressive capability to empty itself via the auto-empty station that holds up to 30 days of dust and dirt with the station’s disposable dust bag.

Smart technology also allows it to automatically detect and avoid obstacles in its path, so no more collisions or getting tangled up in cords. With it’s app robo-vac can create interactive and customisable maps of your home so it knows exactly where to clean.

This is on top of being able to both vacuum and mop. Mind. Blown!

DEEBOT OZMO T8+ is so clever that it can detect and avoid whatever is in its path.

The key factor when it comes to buying a vacuum is how well it actually vacuums and the DEEBOT OZMO T8+ definitely does the job.

It’s fitted with a roller brush combined with dual side brushes to sweep up dust and dirt and powerful suction too – so endless cracker crumbs be gone. It also easily glides from carpets to hard floors so you don’t have to worry about swapping settings and one charge lasts up to three hours working time.

If you hate vacuuming, you will welcome the DEEBOT OZMO T8+ into your home with open arms and floors that are in need of a good clean.


A robot vacuum that also mops and empties itself? Yes please.

The DEEBOT OZMO T8+, featuring the DEEBOT OZMO T8 and Auto Empty Station, is available for $1,299 from The Good Guys.