There is nothing as pure and unblemished as the delicate skin of a newborn baby and from the get-go, natural and organic products are a popular choice for skincare products.

Why? Because a baby’s skin is up to five times thinner than an adults, which means it absorbs products more quickly and also reacts more sensitively. Natural skincare products for babies are specially formulated to work with this delicate barrier to ensure that it is nourished without adding anything unnecessary.

Baby skincare ingredients to look for (and the ones to avoid)

Natural and organic ingredients such as calendula and camomile are commonly used in newborn and infant skincare products. Calendula has long been known for its protective and comforting properties, being able to relieve initial redness or irritation, providing relief to young skin.

Remember, as with ingredient lists on food, less is generally best:

Look for: Water (aqua), calendula, camomile (chamomile), natural nut and seed oils* (such as almond, sesame), glycerin.

Avoid: Parabens, talcum powder, sulphates, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, DEA (Phthalates), perfumes, synthetic dyes.

*Allergies are triggered by certain proteins in plants, however Weleda extracts the oil from nuts and seeds, leaving the protein and plant fibre behind. People with existing nut or seed allergies should avoid products containing that ingredient as there is potential for trace amounts. For babies and children with no existing allergies, the risk is very low, even in those with atopic (allergic, eczema) skin. 

Being clean and comfortable makes for a happier baby.

Whether you generally choose products from sustainable sources or simply want safe and effective options for your baby’s delicate skin, going natural is a win-win.

8 reasons to go natural for baby skincare

  1. Made from natural, sustainable ingredients
  2. No added nasties such a chemicals and pesticides
  3. Free from microplastics
  4. No genetically modified ingredients
  5. Not tested on animals
  6. No mineral-oil based products
  7. Better for the environment (because of the above)
  8. Sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients support local biodiversity and ensure fair working conditions

Bath time is a special time for bonding.

Best for bath time

Newborn babies don’t need a full bath in the early days and weeks, so it’s fine to give them a ‘top and tail’ wash every couple of days, or as they need it. In this early stage, warm water with damps cloths, cotton pads or natural wipes can suffice.

Once you’re ready to move on to bath time and a natural solution that’s perfect for baby Weleda Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash should be on your list. A safe and caring option, it is free from synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, colours and mineral-oil derivatives.

It’s recommended by paediatricians, and in a study by Weleda Australia, parents that used it for a month, were happy that their while cleansing and caring for their babies skin, ‘that newborn smell’ wasn’t lost.

Organic calendula leaves your baby clean, with soft skin (thanks to sweet almond oil) and with easy-to-comb hair. Importantly, it’s a no-sting, no-tears formula, plus it’s vegan.

Natural products work in harmony with the skin and don’t have any added nasties.

Best for bottoms

In the life of a newborn, nappy changes are a necessity numerous times a day and at various times throughout the night, so keeping this most sensitive area of the body clean and nourished is important to your little one’s comfort and happiness.

Using warm water and a soft cloth, clean the skin thoroughly, patting dry with a clean, soft cloth before allowing for a brief period for the skin to ‘breathe’.

Organic calendula is a natural anti-inflammatory and in Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream it works with chamomile, sweet almond and sesame oils to create a rich, protecting cream that protects and care for delicate skin.

This cream is recommended by paediatricians, is dermatologically approved for highly sensitive skin and in a study, 84% of parents agreed that it protected their baby from wetness.

A warm bath plus soothing body lotion equals special cuddles.

Best for delicate skin

After a top and tail or a bath – or simple for some skin-to-skin, massage time – look for a light lotion created specially to support newly developing skin.

Weleda Calendula Body Lotion is made with soothing extracts of calendula and chamomile, organic almond and sesame seed oils, to smooth and nourish.

The natural skincare product is dermatologically tested for baby’s sensitive skin, and can be used for older siblings, as well as parents.

Free from nasties including synthetic preservatives and dyes, and mineral oil-based materials, its mild formula and delicate fragrance means that your little one retains their natural baby smell.

Weleda Australia works hard to create natural baby skincare products you can trust.

Why choose Weleda Australia?

If you choose organic and natural foods and home products, it makes sense that you want the best start for your baby, too.

Weleda Australia is B Corp Certified, which shows a business “achieves the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose”.

Their products also carry the NATRUE  label, which means you can trust that they are truly natural ingredients.

Plus, Weleda has accreditation from the Union for Ethical BioTrade whose SOURCING WITH RESPECT label is approved for companies that work to protect biodiversity during every stage from cultivation to production. Plus, shows Weleda’s commitment to paying farmers a fair price and investing in education projects.


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