With many of us facing another lockown, it seems panic buying is continuing to escalate at supermarkets and empty shelves are leaving some parents struggling to purchase baby-related essentials such as baby food, nappies and baby wipes.

But there’s really no need for any of us to miss out, not when there are so many great online retailers ready and waiting to fill your online trolley with the products you desperately need.

Aussie parents can now access baby wipes, nappies and access their medication and over-the-counter remedies by simply downloading the Chemist2U app or ordering online.

Partnering with local community pharmacies across the country, all prescription medication is dispensed by qualified pharmacists and delivered to the patient’s door as a same day service.

This means no more heading out the door when you’re sick, during lockdown or when you’ve run out of nappies.

“Through the act of staying home when you’re unwell, we have minimised the spread of not only COVID-19 but othr illnesses such as the flu,” explains Chemist2U founder, Dr Matthew Cullen.

Online offerings and fast home delivery is a safe and efficient way for parents to purchase wipes in the comfort of their own home.

Australian owned organic baby wipe brand, Niki’s Natural Wipes is one online retailer well stocked to accommodate needs during the pandemic.

“We currently have plenty of stock available for parents in need of baby wipes so no one needs to worry about missing out in-store. To help further, we’re also offering free shipping over the next week to help minimise the pressure on parent’s hip pockets while supermarkets seek to correct the shortages.” says Managing Director, Katya Zahn.

And they’re not the only retailer who can help. Check out the great Aussie companies helping parents avoid the big supermarket kerfuffle in the gallery below …

Katya Zahn

Katya Zahn from Niki’s Natural Wipes says they are well stocked to accommodate needs during the pandemic.

6 online retailers well stocked in the baby products you need