Keeping babies cool and comfortable in hot weather can be stressful, but there’s a number of ways to help your bub from overheating.

Unlike adults, young children don’t perspire very much, which affects their ability to cope with the heat so therefore must rely on other ways to keep their little bodies at a comfy temperature.

Read about the ways you can keep bub cool below …


baby sitting in high chair with fan blowing cool air

There’s a number of ways to help your bub from overheating (Image: Getty Images)

1. Avoid the sun

Staying indoors during the hottest part of the day – from 11am to 5pm.

2. Wear sun protection

Should you need to go out during the day protect your baby’s skin with sunscreen and a broad-brimmed hat.

3. Keep fluids up

Ensure your child is well hydrated by giving more frequent breast feeds or bottle feeds. Encourage your toddler to drink water regularly.

4. Cool foods

Offer cold foods and foods high in water to keep them hydrated and their core temperaure stable. Things like frozen grapes, watermelon, cucumber, yoghurt and ice blocks can help.

5. Quiet play

Encourage quiet, calm indoor activities, or outdoor water play in the shade. Babies may enjoy using a frozen teether, while toddlers may enjoy being sprayed sporadically with cool water from a spray bottle. Some TV time with ABCKids or a favourite Pixar movie is perfectly acceptable.

Products like Snap Shades ensure maximum protection from the sun by blocking heat, glare and harmful UV rays.

6. Cool clothes

Dress your child in cool, breathable fabric. Sometimes being in just a nappy is most comfortable.

7. In the pram

When using your pram only opt for a light-weight material if you want to use a cover to protect your baby from the sun. A loose-fitting cover will still allow air to circulate and prevent the pram’s temperature from rising. It’s also a good idea to remove the prams back panel or use a more open stroller.

8. In the car

Products like Snap Shades ensure maximum protection from the sun by blocking heat, glare and harmful UV rays, keeping your bub cool and safe on even the hottest of summer days. Read real reviews from our Bounty Community here.

9. Sleep time

For sleeping use a lightweight wrap (e.g. cotton or muslin) and dress your baby or toddler in just a nappy and singlet to prevent overheating.

Health signs to look out for

Seek medical attention immediately if your child exhibits any of the following symptoms of heat exhaustion;

  • Pale and clammy skin
  • Appears drowsy and floppy
  • Fewer wet nappies than usual
  • Dry skin, mouth and eyes – no tears when crying
  • Dark urine
  • The soft spot on the child’s head is lower than normal

With overheating often cited as a cause of SIDS its extremely important to follow these basic guidelines.