Pregnant woman holding her belly

According to new research by scientists at The Royal Society, what you eat for breakfast before getting pregnant could affect the sex of your baby, and eating more bananas leads to the birth of a baby boy!

The study, which looked at 740 British women who were pregnant with their first child found that eating more potassium and having a more nutritious pre-pregnancy diet led to the birth of a baby boy.

On average, women who conceived a baby boy had a higher calorie diet, with more protein and carbohydrates that women who conceived baby girls.

The study also showed that women who ate more breakfast cereals before conception were more likely to be painting the nursery blue.

In fact, research leader Fiona Matthews, a specialist in mammalian biology at Exeter University told the New Scientist: ‘If you want a boy, eat a healthy diet with a high calorie intake, including breakfast. Of women eating cereals daily, 59% had boys, compared with only 43% who bore boys in the group eating less than a bowlful per week.’

So it turns out breakfast really is the most important meal of the day when it comes to conceiving a boy! Matthews also addressed another old wives’ tale that suggests drinking more milk pre-conception leads to the birth of a girl, telling the Guardian newspaper: "the old tale about drinking a lot of milk to have a girl doesn’t seem to hold up."

"More calcium [in this study] meant they were again more likely to have a boy."

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