Kids? Check. Road trip snacks? Check. Destination? Check. Car and tyres? Get them checked!

It’s almost time to jump back in the car and hit the road for that dream holiday with the kids.

As Aussies prepare to continue to opt for cars and holiday in the world’s best backyard this year, figuring out what to spend and save on has never been more important.

We’ve shared at our advice for what you should save and splurge on for your next big family road trip below:

Items to SPLURGE on before your next family road trip

1. Your Car

Spending money on your car doesn’t mean buying a whole new one – it’s about giving your car some much-needed tender loving care and booking it into a mechanic for a quick check-up.

While this could be expensive if a service is overdue, in the long run it will help maintain the condition of your car and avoid any last-minute (and costly) breakdowns along the way.

Although, if the budget’s a bit tight, pop the bonnet yourself!

Things to look out for include coolant levels in your radiator, oil levels, how much windscreen wiper fluid you’ve got left and your tyre pressure.

2. Tyres

Tyres are often overlooked, but they are one of the most important elements to ensuring a safe road trip for you and your family, so it’s important to spend a little more to ensure quality.

While budget tyres feel better on the bank account, in the long run they can be a costly exercise. The rubber found in cheaper tyres is of a lower quality, meaning it will deteriorate quicker compared to the premium alternatives. As the treads begin to erode this can expose drivers to safety risks like aquaplaning and long braking distances.

Premium tyre brands, like Continental Tyres, have more upscale options that offer superior mileage and durability. Meaning less time parked on the side of the road with a flat tyre and more time enjoying your favourite holiday destination.

3. Booster/Car Seats

We all know the importance of having a quality and supportive car seat for your kids. Whether you’re moving from a rear-facing carrier for a growing baby or a booster seat for your bigger kids, it’s important to consider quality testing and that it meets appropriate Australian safety standards.

The Britax Safe-n-Sound range, while at a premium price point, meets all these standards, giving you peace of mind as you head off on the next big road adventure.

If you’re travelling with little ones or heading into sunnier climes, Snap Shades are an affordable and stylish way to help you protect your passengers from harmful UV rays, heat, glare and insects.

Spending money on the right safety items gives you peace of mind as you head off on your family road trip.

Items to SAVE on before your next family road trip

1. Snacks

Avoid any mid-drive lolly temptations and sugar high comedowns, by packaging healthy snacks, like fruit or home-made delights.

Without the need to spend $30 on snacks at a petrol station, this quick fix also eases any strain on the back pocket.

Keep your snacks organised and cool with a great lunchbox like the Smash Slimline.

2. Park it

Road trip lunch stops at a fast food chain can be stressful, crowded and unhealthy. Plan your route to include a lunch stop at a small-town park or playground.

A packed lunch is not only a healthier alternative but can also save some much-needed pennies – giving the kids an opportunity to stretch their legs and run around in nature, while you and your partner breathe deep and take some time to de-stress.

3. Car activities

Tablets and in-car entertainment can be expensive and, on longer road trips, unreliable as they go flat.

To keep the kids entertained on a budget, head to your nearest supermarket and purchase a set of pens, pencils and crayons – then just jump online and print out things to colour-in or activities like word searches and road trip bingo.

Activities books that are fun and educational are a must for long and short trips around Australia, and the ‘snappy’ titled Bumper Aussie Road Trip Quiz and Activity Book from Australian Geographic should be on your list. It contains quizzes and activities related to our landmarks, culture, geography, wildlife and more.

Most importantly, on any road trip with your family, it’s important to take the time to enjoy the holiday and the scenery.

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