You never need an excuse to go online shopping in our books, but with Click Frenzy 2021 almost upon us, now is the time to take action.

What started in 2012 as the Australian answer to America’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, Click Frenzy has become… well, a frenzy for shoppers looking for massive discounts whether you’re after new clothes, beauty products, tech or lifestyle items.

In May, we lost our shopping loving minds during Click Frenzy Mayhem, but ever since, we have been holding out for November for The Main Event.

Kim Kardashian looking at a computer screen

Charge your laptops, sales are coming.

For those who sign up for Click Frenzy membership, you can get up to 99 per cent off certain items. We’re talking $11 Samsung Galaxy phones and $18 TVs, just to name a few.

The event will begin on Tuesday November 9th at 7pm so mark your calendars, or watch their convenient live countdown on site.

More retailers participating will be revealed tomorrow (November 9th), but until then, here are the sales you should look out for ahead of the 7pm kick-off.

Kendall and Kris Jenner looking at a laptop screen

The Jenner clan love a good deal.

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Adore Beauty
Yves Saint Laurent

This article first appeared on Now To Love and has been reproduced and edited with permission. 

Blake Lively in Gossip Girl

Shopaholics strap in.