By Kristy Withers, founder of Incy Interiors

As a mum to two beautiful kids, I know first-hand how quickly they grow and change.

While growth spurts have me basically overhauling their wardrobe year on year, I have a few tips I’ve personally put into play to ensure my kids don’t outgrow their bedrooms quite as quickly.

1. Invest in quality furniture

As the owner of a company that prides itself on high quality furniture, it’s no surprise this is my first tip.

All furniture, but particularly something as important as a bed is an investment and investing wisely will pay off when your little one is able to enjoy it for years to come.

2. Opt for a big bed (if possible)

If space and budget permit, I think a sure-fire way to ensure you won’t be upgrading every few years is to opt for a big bed.

Doubles are a great size for kids, not just because they give off the ‘grown-up’ vibes that kids crave but you are almost guaranteed an upgrade won’t be necessary until they hit the mid-teens.

The Innika bed in Forest Green from Incy Interiors is stylish but simple.

3. Add colour with removable wallpaper and decals

There are so many companies out there now that offer removable wallpaper and wall decals. These are a great way to set the theme of a room but when removable, it’s only as permanent as you need it to be.

4. Artwork will add personality to the room

While we’re talking walls, artwork is a great way to inject some personality into your child’s space and to really make them feel like the space is theirs.

5. Plain bedding allows you to have fun with the décor

I love plain linen, not just because it’s delicious to sleep under, but a neutral, unpatterned colourway means décor can be interchanged without needing to overhaul every part of the room.

6. Quality bedding will last longer

Like good quality furniture, I think good quality bedding is too, an investment. It’s essential for both comfort and assurance you’ll get to enjoy it for longer.

7. Show off your child’s favourite things

Gender neutral themes/colourways are a good way to ensure a bedroom’s longevity, but complimenting this with personal little touches like artworks, drawings, mementos or precious keepsakes are a good way to bring more of your child’s personality into the space.

Your child’s bedroom should be their sanctuary and displaying items that are special to them is a cute way to really hone in on it being their own personal haven.

8. Add a comfy spot to sit

I love throwing timeless pieces like a leather chair into the space. It gives your child a place to perch other than their bed, adds another layer to the room and is a chance to throw in extra textures with cute cushions and throws.

9. Have some storage for ALL the things

Regardless of age, you’ll always need somewhere to clear the clutter and a neutral storage ottoman or trunk is perfect for this.

Tidy mess in minutes with the Innika Ottoman from Incy Interiors.

10. Make it practical

Finally, while looking nice is important, your child’s bedroom should be practical too. They need room to play, learn, grow and to just be a kid.

My biggest suggestion here is to not overcrowd the space. Apply the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method for a room that’ll stand the test of time.

Incy Interiors founder, Kristy Withers with her beautiful family.