Ask any parent and they’ll agree, kids love to make a mess with their toys.

The key to dealing with the chaos and getting it cleared away quickly is being organised, says Chezzi Denyer.

Chezzi, who has three daughters with television host, Grant Denyer took to Instagram to show off the immaculate playroom she has created for Sailor, 10, Scout, six and one-year-old, Sunday.

Alongside a gallery of images showcasing the very organised toy room, the 41-year-old said she wanted the room to be easy to clean up.

Chezzi Denyer with her three daughters.

“I always wanted to have a well-organised playroom where the girls could keep all their toys and they could play for hours in the space without messing up the rest of the house,” Chezzi explains.

“And voilà – after a lot of research and initial trial and error we created my vision.”

Chezzi went on to say that she labelled her storage system in categories.

“I thought the girls would be more inclined to pack items away after playing… but, no, I still have to do that. But everything has a home which makes it much easier at clean up time.”

This is one VERY organised playroom.

Chezzi said the hero of the space is the play couch from Nook.

“The girls use it daily to create little cubbies, or they lay it flat as a practice mat for gymnastics,” she says.

“Sunday uses the wedges to lean up on so she can play barbies with the big girls…. Or we use the bases for make do mattresses for sleepovers. It’s super versatile. Easy to clean (has been covered in texta and grubby fingers several times) and my kids constantly play with it. I don’t know how we survived without it! And the best feature is that it’s easy and quick to put back together. I chose a darker fabric because I thought it would wear better but some of my girlfriends have gone for lighter colour fabrics and I’m impressed at how well they’ve held up.”

Chezzi says her girls love to create cubbies with their play couch.

Chezzi gives the final shout-out to a play table that has a “draw that pulls open to reveal all their colouring in pencils, textas on one side and then colouring in books, paper and scrap books on the right hand side. Very handy system so they can colour as they like.”

Watch the video tour of Chezzi Denyer’s playroom below. 

Chezzi’s followers on Instagram were impressed with the impeccable playroom she had created but questioned how long it would stay so neat and tidy.

“Now you just need to lock the door and it will stay looking pristine😂” wrote one fan.

Added another: “And now show a photo of what it looks like after 🤣 my kids would get every single toy out and mix it up lol chaos! 💗”