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The Bugaboo Lynx is our lightest full-size pram. Super light, durable, and amazingly strong. At only 9.4 kg, its nimble design makes it ready for all daily adventures. It can accommodate a growing child up to 23 kg, plus 10 kg in the under-seat basket. You can keep all your essential items, toys and groceries easily at hand.

The Bugaboo Lynx is very easy to manoeuvre, thanks to the responsive one-hand steering. With a smooth suspension, it is effortless to push, no matter the terrain or however fully-loaded it is. The large wheels offer a comfortable ride for your baby, wherever you go, through every bump or any rougher terrain.

The Bugaboo Lynx was designed with smart engineering and style, it’s available to purchase as a complete pram in four colour combinations. It also includes a bassinet, offering your baby even more comfort during their first months.

The reversible and reclinable seat comes with three reclinable positions, and a 5-point harness; super easy to use, buckle up or unbuckle in one click and you’re ready to go. The extra-large sun canopy offers sleep tranquillity and shade even when the sun is low. Folding is very practical-you can choose the one-piece self-standing fold, or the ultra-compact two-piece option, ideal for easy storage at home or in the boot of your car.

– Super light at 9.4kg
– Nimble & sleek design
– Durable and strong (can hold a child up to 23 kg, plus 10 kg in the under-seat basket)
– Effortless push, thanks to the responsive one-hand steering
– Large wheels, puncture-proof
– Extra-large sun canopy
– Easy one-piece, self-standing fold for compact convenience
– Easy and height-adjustable comfort harness
– Suitable from birth to toddler
– Car seat compatible

What you get when you purchase a Bugaboo Lynx:
– Chassis inc. wheels – aluminium or black
– Seat/ bassinet frame
– Bassinet
– Seat with comfort harness
– Wheel caps and grips
– Sun canopy
– Rotating carry handle
– Under seat basket
– Rain cover

  • Pram with seat weight: 9.4kg
  • Underseat basket 10kg/ 36L
  • Folded dimensions -2 pcs fold, extra compact: 87.5 x 53 x 31 cm
  • Folded dimensions -1 pcs fold, self-standing: 60 x 60 x 88 cm (seat facing parent)
  • High seat placement: 56 cm from the ground
  • Large wheels
  • 17.8 cm front wheel + 29 cm rear wheels
  • Compact design & small foot print 52 cm
  • Easy one piece, self-standing fold in any configuration. Two piece fold for extra compact folding
  • Front wheels Bugaboo suspension
100% of 6 reviewers recommend this product, with an average user rating of 4.5/5 stars
Stylish light weight full size pram, but missing a few key elements
Prior to receiving the Bugaboo Lynx to review, I have been using a RedsBaby Jive (older version), so this is my reference for most comparisons. The Lynx has all the usual Bugaboo features such as: - Sleek & stylish look - High quality finishes like seat fabric, padded handle bar & lap bar etc - puncture proof tyres - Large basket compartment with flip up / down edge makes it easy to fit larger objects & also gives option of having things more tucked away - 5 point harness is easy to do up with individual points clipping in & has a super easy one click to undo The seat / harness: - The seat can face both ways (brilliant!) & has 3 different reclining positions. - The seat is very upright compared to the RedsBaby, great for bubs looking out, but I did feel that I needed to juggling a little to ensure he didn’t slip out when buckling him in. The 2nd recline option is more if a sleep setting & then 3rd recline is totally horizontal. - The seat recline / inclines is via push button on both sides & turn, a little awkward to use at first but once you get the hang of it fine. - I loved how the shoulder straps can adjust with slide up / down (compared to other prams where you need to feed straps through seat / cover slit), BUT the lowest point on the Lynx is still quite high & although the straps themselves lengthen at the end, the top but was sitting up beside bubs head & looked awkward PROS: - Light weight, very easy to push & stear, suspension was good. Front wheels didn’t get caught as much going up kerbs compared to my RedsBaby - very large hood great for sun & also wind protection - handlebar is easy to adjust & has huge range - The half fold to self-standing format with seat included would be handy to tuck away in a hallway or at a restaurant. - Foot break is great, BUT i think the small pedal & push upwards from underneath to release would be uncomfortable to use in Australian summer wearing sandals as it’s mostly your toes that would be pushing upwards
 CONS - The biggest drawback for me is that you can’t completely fold the pram in 1 piece (ie. the seat must be removed to fully fold down). In addition to being awkward to manage, this also means it takes up most of our sedan car boot (by comparison the RedsBaby folds flat with the seat on & fits in the boot with room around for luggage / groceries etc. - The 2nd big drawback for me was that the hood doesn’t have a peak hole or any mesh panel to check on bubs, so I had to keep opening it & woke him up - Hood is quite rigid & noisy to open close, not a smooth as RedsBaby - The fixed in edging awning thing at the top of the seat that the hood sits over the top of is quite wide/deep, which meant that bubs couldn’t see out the sides as much as he can with RedsBaby, so he kept straining forward to look around - Stearing was so lightweight that I was a bit worried about the pram rolling away - In terms of size, I think the Lynx is slightly wider than the RedsBaby Jive, worth considering if you catch public transport (particularly bus) or squeezing into restaurants / cafes.
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Response from Bugaboo


Thank you for participating in the Bugaboo Lynx review. We really appreciate your feedback and are happy to hear you have enjoyed using the pram. Both your positive and constructive feedback is really important to us as it helps improve our products.

We would like to address your concerns above:

  • The Bugaboo Lynx has two folding options; one piece self-standing fold for storage and larger boots and the ultra-compact fold for tighter spaces https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4j3cfoYenQE&list=PLE_ClSlC0MiU2lfLRzYGk70Mz57pulGsq&index=5
  • The Seat Cap at the top of the seat is an Australian standard requirement, however this can be removed at the users discretion.
  • The steering is lightweight also due to the weight of the pram being 9.4kg, which is lighter than the previous pram used which weighs 11.9kg, and would most definitely contribute to the feeling of being lighter to push.
  • The Bugaboo Lynx is super manoeuvrable and nimble, making it fit through narrow spaces and on public transport. Its footprint is only 60cm x 52cm wide.

Thank you again for taking the time to review the Bugaboo Lynx,

The Bugaboo team

Worth the hype!
The new Bugaboo Lynx is the perfect pram (in my own humble opinion, of course!) It just ticks every single box. Firstly, the assembly of this pram was so much easier than expected. It was easy enough to put together on my own, whilst my four-week old was napping. This was a huge win and a great start! Bugaboo is a household name in the baby/kids/parenting world so I knew the Lynx would be amazing, however after trialing it on all sorts of terrain and situations with Bub, this blew all expectations out of the water! The pram itself is a head turner: sleek and stylish, in an effortlessly-cool kind of way. I used the bassinet attachment and Bub was extremely comfortable laying on the soft mattress, happy every single time. We even clipped off the bassinet from the frame a couple of times when Bub fell asleep during a walk in the pram - being freestanding is an amazing and underrated feature! It also passed the all-important test of a smooth ride that doesn’t wake Bub up! It’s super easy to push around and manoeuvres like a dream. I also love the size of the bottom basket as it fit everything I needed it to and more. It carries up to 10kg, which is a huge help! All the functions I found were really user-friendly; from adjusting the handle height, putting on the break and folding the pram down. On this note, another huge positive is that it’s super lightweight despite being a full sized pram! This makes life so much easier when one is rushing to load the car. I was so happy to have been part of this trial and I highly recommend the Bugaboo Lynx to any pram shopping parent. We had mums ask us what type of pram it was whilst we were out and about, which really speaks for itself!
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Super smooth stroller
We absolutely loved our Bugaboo Lynx. It is incredibly smooth to walk around with, there's almost no resistance on the wheels. It feels so light to push and is just so easy to walk with. I liked choosing whether the chair was forward or reverse facing and being able to easily take the whole seat off. All the features were really easy to use, it's super easy to pack up and put in your car, and loved the pull-over sun protection.
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Lady Gray
Very Impressed, Loved it - Well done Bugaboo!
The Bugaboo Lynx was easy and quite quick to put together with its supplied straightforward instruction booklet. I was immediately impressed with this very sleek looking pram and particularly impressed by the spaciousness and sturdiness of both the bassinet and seat. Having previously owned and loved my Bugaboo Buffalo and Bugaboo Bee5 what struck me immediately is how lightweight this pram is - at 9kg its significantly lighter than both my previous prams without compromising on style, features or suspension. Being 25weeks pregnant with a rambunctious 2.5 year old – reliability, quality, ease and convenience are essential and non-negotiable when embarking on purchasing a pram for this bub and the Lynx has achieved this. Transporting this pram, folding/unfolding it, taking it in and out of the car was effortless – even easier than my Bee5! Spending my days out-and-about in Bondi I did not have any issues pushing the pram seamlessly along every footpath, along Bondi Beach or walking through the grass at the park. The size of the canopy and storage basket is fantastic; however I did anticipate that the canopy would come with the latest peek-a-boo feature, however I assume I can buy this separately. The technology in this pram is great but I do prefer the Buffalo tilt mechanism when its time for a sleep or sit up. The Lynx requires you to push two buttons in on either side and pull it down at the same time which I found clumsy and cumbersome when I have been spoiled by the Buffalo and Bee5 tilt mechanism. Overall I’m very impressed with the Bugaboo Lynx, and would highly recommend this pram to the active mummas who are looking for a perfect full size stylish pram. That said, I would love to see the Lynx2 feature a better tilt mechanism and the peekaboo feature come standard.
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As soon as you open the product you could tell it was high quality. All the adjustments and fittings are made well and very sturdy. The opening and closing mechanism is tricky at first and takes some practise. This would be something to think about, as a mum I want something quick and easy to put up with minimum effort needed. Overall, I thought this product had great qualities, all the attachments were useful and a great inclusion. The steering of the product was great and made taking my little one around very easy.
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Amazing pram, well worth the $$
This pram is a game changer!! I LOVE IT. I can’t imagine life without it now.. It is so lightweight, ridiculously lightweight.. even to push with a 9kg child in it. It pushes so smoothly over all surfaces, gravel, bitumen, paved footpaths, dirt/rocky paths and uneven cemented footpaths. It is honestly not like any pram I’ve used before. It’s light as a feather, in total it only weighs 9.2kg!! Amazing! I am 30 weeks pregnant and don’t have an issue folding/unfolding or picking it up to put in and out of the car, I did it rather effortlessly. I didn’t notice going over bumpy/uneven surfaces like I have with my previous pram. The suspension is fab! Even my partner would keep trying to take the pram off me to push because it was just so amazing. He’s a car/truck man and he couldn’t fault it at all. The wheels are puncture proof, which is really wonderful with all the different kinds of terrain we go over it’s nice to not have to worry about puncturing the tires. Front wheels are lockable also as well as obviously the back break. It looks so beautiful and sleek. It does look like the high end pram that it is. I do love that there are colour options for what suits your taste and you can switch them in and out as you desire. The large storage basket underneath looks deceiving but it will hold plenty! Pretty simple to put together also. It comes with a very extensive user manual with picture instructions for setup with the seat and bassinet attachments. The seat is adjustable with 3 positions to keep older babies and kids happy and comfy. And you can face it rearwards or forwards. Not once did my daughter look uncomfortable or whinge about being in the pram for too long like she sometimes does. I do really love how far the sunshade extends. It is amazing, I could fully cover my daughter from the sun and only see little toes poking out. Also the rain cover is so snug and fits perfectly, other brands are just like a sack over the pram but this is made to fit it perfectly, no over hang to worry about getting in the way of wheels etc There are a few minor things I would like to see changed/improved. - the aluminum look, get rid of it. I personally think it cheapens the look of the pram. The black frame looks so much more sleek and suits the price bracket. - I wish it folded flat... a very very minor issue I had with it. If I left the seat attached I couldn’t see out the back window of my car. - I would have liked to have been able to adjust the angle of the handle. With my previous pram I had a few options for what angle I’d like it on. Once again very minor. - I know you can purchase add ons for the pram but I think a small bag hook wouldn’t have gone astray. I did change the bag I use so I could put it in the basket at the bottom, no big issue though. - I wish all Bugaboos came with an extension for a second seat/bassinet attachment but then that’s why the Donkeys exist! - at first the sunshade is very very stiff and hard to use. As we have used it more and more it’s loosening up and much more user friendly. - fabric.. I would recommend using a pram liner because the fabric isn’t all that breathable, my daughter runs warm and every time I’d take her out of the pram she would be sweaty. And also to look after the fabric and keep it in good condition of course. All in all these few minor things wouldn’t impact me buying one. I’d still give this pram a 100/10. It really is the best of the best pram. If I could go back to the first pram I was buying and do my research properly and test all the prams again I would just get a Bugaboo from the start. There is an initial outlay in the price but 1000% worth it!
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The Bugaboo Lynx  is a sleek, easy-to-use, lightweight pram. Weighing only 9.4 kilograms the Bugaboo Lynx is Bugaboo’s lightest full-size pram, meaning it’s super-easy to lift up and down stairs and in and out of your car.

The seat is covered by an extra-large, extendable sun canopy with a UPF 50+, infact all fabric on the pram is UPF50+ and machine washable too.

All members said the Bugaboo Lynx looked stylish and reported it was compact enough to fit in the boot of their car.

The members made use of the large under seat basket which can hold up to 10 kilograms and with the Lynx’s responsive, one-handed push, the majority found the pram to be user-friendly.

The Lynx has a streamlined, compact design so it’s easy to maneouvre around tight spaces, especially handy if you love to hit the shops or cafes with your little one.

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