Australian cricket star and father-of-three girls, David Warner has announced he’s done with having kids.

The 33-year-old and his wife, Candice Warner have three daughters, Ivy Mae, five, Indi Rae, four, and six-month-old Isla Rose.

David, who is currently playing in the World Cup, announced the news in a post-game interview when he was quizzed if he’d return to play in the 2023 World Cup.

“I think we will speak to our wives first. I’ve got three kids – I hope that’s the last one – and in that three years you’ve got form, wives, family,” he said.

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Candice has also previously said they wouldn’t be having anymore little ones. When Isla Rose was born in June last year, Candice told her Instagram followers, “Our little family is now complete.”

“Ivy and Indi are so proud of their sister. David, your support was and is amazing. Isla we love you.”

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Shortly after Isla’s arrival, Candice, 34 revealed to Woman’s Day that the birth of her third daughter was a difficult one.

“Everything was going to clockwork – until I knew something was very wrong,” said Candice.

“She didn’t like the drugs they needed to give me to bring on the contractions – it was terrifying.”

“Each time I was contracting, her heart rate would drop dramatically. Dave did not leave my side. For the final eight hours of a 12-hour long labour, the drip was on its absolute lowest level of the hormones. She just kept fighting – she’s definitely got the Warner gritty determination!”

In 2018, prior to Isla’s arrival, Candice sadly suffered two miscarriages.