Meeting your partner in any of the traditional ways is fast becoming a thing of the past as more and more couples are formed after meeting online.

New research says that we’re on a fast track to changing the way we meet our partners with projections suggesting 2040 as the year when more Aussie couples will meet online than offline!

That has a trickle down impact that says within 18 years, babies born to parents who met online will be more common than babies born to couples who met via traditional means, according to a new report by eharmony and Monash University!

They’re the ‘ebabies’ and they’re going to flood the new generation.

“Online dating often gets a bad rap for encouraging casual dating and swipe culture. But our report with Monash University, demonstrates that there are countless people who look to technology to find life-long partners and start families,” says Sharon Draper, Relationship Expert at eharmony.

“Online dating is ever more prevalent, particularly since the challenges we’ve seen recently via the COVID-19 virus, and its restraints upon normal socialising. This new research clearly indicates that more and more Aussie families will originate from dating platforms like eharmony and that can only be a good thing.”

New research clearly indicates that more and more Aussie families will originate from online dating.

ebabies and the future of starting a family

The report also finds that couples who met online in more recent years (2014-2020), on average have 2.3 percent more babies than those who met face-to-face (1.38 vs. 1.35).

This suggests singles are using technology to seek those like-minded when it comes to starting a family.

“If you’re new to online dating and you want to find a serious relationship, think carefully about the type of person you want to attract. Avoid endless cycles of casual dating by looking for a person who shares your values, personality traits and, most importantly, your goals,” says Sharon Draper.

Aussie couples who meet online most commonly have one child (21 percent), with over one in eight (13 percent) welcoming two children. Men are also slightly more likely than women to have children with a partner they met online (38.9 percent v 35.4 percent).

Does meeting online give you more chance of having a baby?

“It’s really important that people recognise the many benefits that online dating can bring, with many singles looking to technology to find real and meaningful relationships,” says Romain Bertrand, VP International at eharmony.

“At eharmony, we match singles according to high compatibility which means they are more likely to have long-lasting relationships, and even families if they so choose.”