Saying goodbye to your pooch when you leave for the day can be heartwrenching, particularly if you know they feel anxious or unsettled when you’re gone. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

To help bring comfort and entertainment to the furriest of family members, US sensation DOGTV is launching in Australia. From stimulation to relaxation and how-to videos for dog parents alike, the streaming platform offers pet parents a smart solution to support their four-legged friend in their absence!

Visual and audible stimuli in a dog’s regime can benefit their mental health and wellbeing.

With over 40 percent of households having at least one dog and 35 percent of pet owners leaving the TV or radio on for their pets in their absence (source), the scientifically designed technology for dogs uses specially developed sights and sounds to enrich your dog’s environment, helping to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and loneliness.

Research also shows that one in every four to six dogs suffer from separation anxiety (source), an issue that is mentally, physically and emotionally debilitating for our pets.

DOGTV General Manager, Beke Lubeach, says she has seen firsthand how the platform can give four-legged friends the best day, every day.

“We’re so excited to partner with PETstock to launch the platform in Australia, to give pets the support and comfort they need at home as their owners return to the workplace and social events,” says Beke.

Scientifically designed off the assessment of a dog’s daily cycle, including how and when they’re most active, DOGTV is programmed to meet the needs of every dog.

“Three programs, including stimulation, relaxation, and exposure, have been scientifically created to keep your dog feeling happy and confident,” says Beke.

“Each program is scheduled throughout the day, exposing dogs to visual stimuli and sounds that positively impact their behaviour and reduce feelings of anxiety.”

One in every four to six dogs suffer from separation anxiety.

PETstock Dog Trainer, Tina Button, says technology such as DOGTV is revolutionising the way that we care for our pets, all for the better.

“Not only does DOGTV provide pets with an enriching environment that helps their emotional and behavioural development, but also gives pet owners peace of mind that their dog is comforted and staying active while they’re out,” says Tina.

“When integrating technology into your pet’s daily regime, it’s important that they feel comfortable. Having their favourite bed, blanket and access to water nearby is essential to ensuring a smooth transition.”

“The first time your dog experiences the platform, it’s perfectly normal for them to be extra excited! Be present for your pet’s introduction to DOGTV and set the volume to a comfortable level.”

Pet owners can have peace of mind that their dog is comforted and staying active while they’re out.

Just like humans, anxiety and stress experienced by dogs can have a severe impact on their mental and physical wellbeing, says PETstock VET Dr Natalie Li.

“Symptoms of anxiety in pets include yawning, panting and whining, licking of the lips or destruction and digging,” says Dr Natalie.

“When dogs experience stress or fear, their emotional centre called the limbic system is highly aroused, impacting their ability to think and act clearly.

“Creating an enriching space for pets where they are exposed to comforting sounds and visual aids is a great way for pet parents to help combat their pet’s anxiety.”

Pet owners can enter their dog’s photo or video via PETstock’s Instagram Page @petstock_australia or Facebook Page @PETstock by Thursday 3 June for their chance to become a DOGTV star.

Monthly and annual subscriptions to DOGTV are available exclusively at PETstock stores or online via PETstock Rewards members can receive one month of DOGTV for free via the PETstock website.