We are the world’s #1 eco nappy company – passionately driven to achieve a plastic free future.

Our premium plant-based products are born from research, development and a desire to keep babies away from toxins and nasties, while leaving minimal impact on the planet.

Our nappies are more than 90% biodegradable. The natural, plant-based layers are so soft and breathable, and our revolutionary Plantcell Technology absorbs 900ml of liquid, and traps it away from skin for a dry-touch solution. And they are packaged in a world-first home compostable paper carry bag.

Our nourishing, bamboo wipes are 100% compostable. And the three varieties address common baby skin complaints. NZ Purified Water, Manuka Honey and Goat Milk.

On top of that, our environmental giveback for every order includes planting 1 tree, collecting and recycling 25 plastic bottles and offsetting 10kg carbon.

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