Tommee Tippee ‘Made For Me’ Double Electric Breast Pump

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Unit Height (mm) 186 Unit Width (mm) 260 Unit Depth/Length (mm) 151 Unit Packed Weight (g) 890 Unpacked Weight of Unit (g) 522
91% of 23 reviewers recommend this product, with an average user rating of 4/5 stars

Small, discreet and mighty quiet, this is the breast pump for busy mums who just want to get on with things.

Simply charge it up, get comfortable and pump away using the five massage and nine express modes to find the one that’s right for you.

With MassageTec cups, made of soft, cushioned silicone that’s gentle on your breasts, this pump provides a comfortable way to mimic your baby’s latch-on and stimulate milk flow.

Designed for busy mums – smaller, lighter and quieter than other pumps, this double pump is made for busy mums who want to express naturally and quickly wherever and whenever they choose.

Features include:

• Truly portable and compact – powered by a USB rechargeable power unit you can charge it up and pump without the worry of needing a power supply.
• Natural expression – clever switching expression technology, switches from one breast to the other for a more comfortable experience.
• MassageTec – soft, cushioned silicone cup that’s gentle on sore breasts, uses massage to stimulate milk flow and keeps you comfortable as you express.
• Long lasting power – Full charge gives you over 90 minutes of power to pump on the go
• Massage & Express modes – Choose from 5 massage and 9 express settings to stimulate milk flow and express breast milk in a way that’s comfortable for you
• Single or double – the choice is yours, you can use the pump as a single or double pump with just the push of a button you can express from one side or both.
• Timer – LED screen lets you see how long you’ve been expressing for.
• No backflow – the hygienic closed system makes sure breast milk only goes into the bottle, not into the air tube or pump so every drop of breast milk is collected
• BPA/BPS free – safe for baby and mum

20 Trial Team Reviews

Bounty Parents says:

20 breastfeeding mums trialled the new Tommee Tippee ‘Made For Me’ Double Electric Breast Pump and 100 per cent of our new mums agreed – this product was useful.

The breast pump features a soft, cushioned silicone cup that’s gentle on sore breasts and uses massage to stimulate milk flow and as a result, for 95 per cent of our users, the pump was powerful enough to adequately express breast milk and was comfortable to use too.

When it comes to pumping, mums want their breast pump to remain charged and not run out or pump mid-express. The majority of mums (90%) found the pump’s 90 minute battery life to run true.

Found that the product adequately expressed their breast milk.
Found that the product was light and portable to use.
Found the product comfortable to use with the MassageTech cushion silicone cups.
Found the product useful to assist with feeding their baby or provide relief.

91% of 23 reviewers

recommend this product

with an average user

4/5 stars

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