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The Pigeon Style GoMini Double Electric Breast Pump is a breakthrough mini breast pump tailored for today’s breastfeeding mothers. Stylish in appearance with intuitive features, the GoMini is perfect for mums whether at home, work or just on the go. The GoMini takes the hassle out of breastfeeding and make the whole routine easier.

Compact and light for easy carry and store, the GoMini is similar in size to a mobile phone.

Use as a single or double pump, with simple switch between stimulation and expression modes. The GoMini offers 5 different pumping modes. A soft LED light shows the power level.

Pigeon Style GoMini can be used with either Pigeon wide or slim neck bottles. Power by either DC or USB connection to a power bank.


100% of 1 reviewers

recommend this product

with an average user

5/5 stars

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