Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro

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The Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro is a fully customisable and ultra-quiet single electric breast pump.

With 28 different comfort settings, the Pump offers easy control and monitoring. There is an LED display to control the speed and strength of the pump as well as the length of the session. Simple switch between stimulation and expression phases.

Supplied with 2 funnel sizes, the Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro caters to the different needs of breastfeeding mothers. The Comfort ProperFIT flange is soft and its winged design gently holds the breast for perfect fit.

Use with either DC power or battery (4 x A4)

  • Parts: Main body, Main body cap, Soft cup, Flange, Comfort ProperFit Flange, Silicone Valve (3pcs), Tube, Tube connector, Motor, AC adapter, Bottle, Hood, Nipple (SS Size), Cap, Sealing disk, Bottle stand.
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