Chrissy Teigen is mid-way through her third pregnancy. The 34-year-old mum-of-two is expecting another son with husband 41-year-old, John Legend.

In true Chrissy style, the Lip Sync Battle personality is sharing the pregnancy, warts and all with her adoring fans.

And there’s a lot to share. From her bed rest to accidentally sharing the gender and more, Chrissy is proving to be a very entertaining mum-to be.

And baby will make five!

The pair share two children, four-year-old Luna, and two-year-old Miles who were conceived via IVF. This time around they’ve fallen pregnant naturally, something they were never sure could happen for them.

John confirmed their third baby was unplanned during an interview on the Today show, he said: “It was a surprise. A little quarantine surprise, I guess you could say. But we’re very excited, and we’re grateful for all the well wishes we’ve gotten from people all around the world. Thank you so much.”

As per usual, Chrissy has been very candid about all the highs and lows of her pregnancy experience, most recently revealing a particularly bothersome pregnancy symptom.

Taking to Twitter, Chrissy posted: “I’m having a lot of pain on the bridge of my nose. Super tender. I know when you’re [pregnant], they say your nose ‘spreads’ and I believe it because I’ve seen it on myself! But has it ever caused pain for anyone?”

And the Cravings author was not alone.

“[My nose] was extra puffy,” wrote one follower. “My 3rd baby was almost ten pounds and I’m pretty sure my nose carried half the weight. I felt extra sniffly,” she added.

Another Twitter added: “Omg I swear I’ve noticed this! Like I can see my nose getting bigger and every once in a while will feel a mild pain like I got hit in the nose! I thought I was nuts! Pregnancy is so grand!”

While the nose spreading is a visible symptom, Chrissy has also admitted to suffering migraines throughout her pregnancy. And the model is looking to a common beauty treatment for relief.

Chrissy took to Twitter to share the news that she was cleared to receive Botox during her pregnancy. Not for fine lines and wrinkles, but for her headaches!

“I get really really bad pregnancy headaches,” she tweeted. “Was thrilled to be cleared to do neck muscle Botox along with a crazy combo of beta blocker shots and radio wave frequency something something doctor terms. Anyhow man it’s just so bad but I see the light finally.”

After one of her followers asked for more information, the open star explained that “Jaw Botox for my grinding was a MUST for my regular headaches.”

“You can also do behind the brow for migraines,” she wrote. “Life changing.”

She went on to recommend that her followers seek medical advice, tweeting: “Yeah if you have the means to go to a neurologist instead of cosmetic it’s a lot better and safer because they talk to your OB,”

You can check out more of Chrissy’s pregnancy stories in the gallery below.