By Alexie O'Brien

Knowing you'll soon be a parent can be daunting – so when there's advice that can take the stress away from planning what you need to buy for your new bub, it's important to use it.

With products that are easy on the eye, plus late night feeds, practical ideas and touches of sentiment all in mind, I'm sharing my tips and picks on how to decorate a chic nursery room.

Alexie O'Brien is the COO of Tell Me Baby.

Carefully curate the room for sleep suitability

To ease the difficulty of settling your new baby into the home, make sure the nursery can mimic night time at any given time. Choose dark curtains for an easier and soothing sleep for the baby. Grab some night lights too of course – so you don't mistake a soft toy for your baby when it's middle-of-the-night feeding time.

One of the most, if not the most important item for babies – is a suitable cot for them to sleep in. Think about the aesthetic of the room you are going for. The cot should be chosen carefully with this in mind, as it will be one of the nursery's core features.

Setting up a nursery that is practical and stylish is not difficult if you put in a little time to plan.

If you’re apartment living, opt for a bassinet instead

For the smaller nurseries in apartment living spaces, cots can often take up too much room – so bassinets are generally a good option. The smaller size of a bassinet also makes it more portable, so it's easier to transport if you're planning to move home within the first few years of your bub's life.

Think about feeding time

When your baby arrives, you'll quickly find feeding time is much more of a process than simply hopping into the nursery and feeding him.

So many things need to be taken into account – especially if you're feeding in the middle of the night. It's best to remove as much clutter as you can from the floor area (you don't want to trip and fall in your sleepiness on your way to feeding the baby).

Adding some practical (and chic) storage units such as toy boxes, dressers and cabinets to the sides of the room can come in handy for times like these!

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Don’t neglect a feeding chair

Another essential for late night and early morning feeds, a comfortable feeding chair is definitely something you should invest in. Designed to make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to feeding bub, these are worth every dime.

Be strategic and creative went it comes to changing time

If you're lucky enough to have ample time before baby arrives to decorate your nursery from scratch, perhaps consider some washable wallpaper. Trust me – you will be thanking yourself later when that first spray of pee happens to splash the walls.

With that in mind, it's also worth considering the other practical aspects of your nursery. A changing table can make all the difference when you're spending time in the nursery feeding, playing and changing.

Having everything you need within reach will come in handy when changing your wriggly bub!

Don’t forget the fun stuff!

Consider the artwork you're placing in there. It doesn't have to be too baby-centric – explore your options and go for something that matches the aesthetic of your home. Think monochromes for a chic, modern aesthetic or colours if you still want to keep it endearingly childish.

And – no matter how big or small your nursery is, whether you live in an apartment or a house, always make sure there is room for fun stuff.

Think playmats, toys and soothing nightlights for bub, and handy diaper pails/caddies when you really need them.

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