Some women love that their breasts grow during pregnancy; others not so much. Whether you love your bigger bosom or not, support and comfort are crucial during this time, plus you’ll want to choose bras that make it easy to breastfeed.

Colette Smith, Designer at Bendon, says “Both during and after pregnancy, the breasts undergo numerous changes such as enlarging, becoming heavier, denser, and more sensitive. Therefore, while every woman is different, it’s not uncommon to go up two to four band sizes (the measurement around your body under your breasts) and two to four cup sizes during pregnancy. Therefore, it’s paramount that you are wearing a professionally fitted bra specifically designed to allow for growth and comfort.”

Primarily, you want to feel comfortable and supported. Look for wirefree bras made from soft fabrics that are soft on sensitive skin. Most will have adjustable straps and hooks so that the bra can grow with you – even if you don’t put on much weight, your ribcage will expand as your pregnancy takes up space. No matter the size of your bust, it’s worth getting fitted by a professional so you can be a smart shoppper.

We’ve curated a list of 13 of the best maternity and breastfeeding bras in Australia for you to choose from.