MRI scan

Mums-to-be, hold on to your bump, because your mind is about to be BLOWN.

Thanks to the latest in MRI technology, you will soon be able to see your unborn baby stretch and wriggle, and even see their heart beating.

Yes, we're serious. And yes, this is as incredible as it sounds.

Essentially, researchers behind the iFIND Project have conjured up a high-tech crystal ball for you to see exactly what's going on inside your tummy during the 20th week of your pregnancy.

The London-based team of medics are responsible for creating a new, super-high-quality scan that uses algorithms, magnetic fields and radio waves to take moving images of a baby inside the womb.

This incredible scan can even pick up what's going on beneath the baby's skin.

According to Clinical Research Fellow at King's College London Dr David Lloyd, who is working on the IFIND Project, taking pictures of a 20-week fetus is no easy task.

"'For one thing, they're very small. The fetal heart, for example, with all of its tiny chambers and valves, is only about 15mm long: less than the size of penny," he says as reported by The Daily Mail.

"[This scan] can see the structures inside the body regardless of whether there's bone, muscle or fat in the way; and in some cases it can give us even more detailed images than ultrasound."

"'Importantly, it is also one of the few imaging techniques that is safe to use in pregnancy."

The IFIND Project's dream for their evolutionary MRI scan technology is that it will be available for all mums-to-be, and will go global.

First stop? Australia, please.